Mental Health and Wellbeing Blogger

“My mission is to empower others with the knowledge that they are not alone in their battle with mental illness, and that they too can overcome their demons and go on to
 lead resilient, enriched and fulfilling lives.”

Tyler Galbreth was first diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a teenager in 2013, and has spent his adult life working hard to overcome the difficulties of severe mental illness. After surviving countless days of darkness, and multiple hospitalizations, Tyler began his journey down the long, arduous and often lonely road to recovery.

Through his own struggle with mental health, Tyler has undergone significant personal growth to rise above limitations, challenge preconceptions, and develop a fresh outlook on life.  As a result, Tyler has embarked upon a pathway forged to share his experience of transformation in support of others who are suffering as he once was.

With eight years of experience in dealing with the anguish that mental illness can cause, Tyler’s vision is to create a space where those struggling with mental health issues can feel connected, find solace and begin their own healing process.

 “Over the years, I have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery and metamorphosis. I can relate deeply to my followers, because I too have faced many of the challenges that they face.”

Every day, Tyler’s story inspires him to encourage others to realise the value of their lives, and to share the skills that he has learnt in order to vanquish mental illness and navigate every chapter of life successfully and authentically, wherever it may lead.

When he’s not blogging or studying for his degree in English Literature, Tyler can be found enjoying the pastimes of a classic introvert – listening to music, playing video games, or curled up with a good book.